Advantages of having a new car

JonathanMarch 10, 2014

Having a brand new car is often a luxury that many people feel they can no longer justify in the current economic climate. However, car leasing can offer you an affordable option, making driving a brand new vehicle far more cost-effective. Many people have found that this new trend is making the latest models more accessible than ever. This means that more drivers are now opting for new models, but what are the advantages of trading in your old banger for a shiny car from the latest range?

Lower overhead costs
One of the biggest advantages of having a new car is that the government makes it much cheaper for you to run it, compared to an older model. A new car is likely to be much more eco-friendly than other models, meaning that overheads such as your road tax are going be be considerably cheaper. 

If you have a car under three years old, you don't need to get an MOT done, cutting out that expense for a period of time, but even if your model is older than that, the test is likely to be cheaper as there won't be as much wear and tear as with older models. 

New features on cars, including security ones, often means that insurance would be cheaper for you – bearing in mind that you don't have any accidents in the mean time. There are also various tax breaks that your new vehicle could be privy to, which an old car wouldn't be – making new models an all-round cheaper option.

Better professionalism
If, like many workers, you use your car for work – whether for commuting or just driving to meetings – having a new model can have various benefits. In modern business, appearance is everything and it can make the small difference that puts you ahead of your competitors in the corporate world. 

It may seem unfair and incredibly superficial, but first impressions count in the world of business. Turning up in a new car to that important business meeting or at your new place of work, will ensure that you make the best first impression possible.

Better features
Many new cars come with brilliant features that allow you to spend less money, as well as looking flashy. A number of manufacturers now have the stop-start feature, allowing your car to save fuel when stuck in rush hour traffic. As new models are also more fuel efficient, you should notice that your petrol or diesel bill is less than before.

A number of new features in your car, also allows you to command respect in the workplace and show your colleagues and friends that you are a true professional.

Car leasing can give you an affordable way of having access to the newest cars from some of the world's leading manufacturers. UK Carline itself has a number of latest models from top class brands such as Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW, with deals starting at under £200 per month.

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