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Sell Your Car the Motorway with UK Carline Vehicle Leasing

Take the hassle out. Sell your car online with our partner Motorway

  • Quick & Easy - Click the button below, enter your reg & you can complete in as little as 24 hours
  • Free to Use - No hidden fees for you, with free collection & fast payment
  • 100% Online - No meeting up with time wasters, or travelling miles to drop off your car
Sell Your Car

How it Works

Enter Your Reg

Want to sell your car in a hurry? Click the link below and enter your reg to get started.

Dealers Bid

Motorway will alert their network of 3,000+ reliable and verified dealers, to make you an offer.

Get Your Best Offer

Motorway will send the best offer for you to approve, then arrange a free collection date

Money in Your Pocket

You'll get paid straight into your bank account within 24 hours of your car being collected. Easy.

Sell Your Car


If your question isn't answered below, Motorway have a thorough FAQ section on their website available through the link above.

For an easy handover and to complete transfer of ownership, you'll need the following when your car's collected:

  • V5C vehicle registration document (logbook)
  • MOT certificate if your car is more than 3 years old
  • All keys
  • Your photo ID (driving licence or passport)
  • Proof of address (bank statement, utility bill etc.) - this must match the logbook
  • Extras such as service history, handbook, locking wheel-nut etc.
  • If you have outstanding finance on the car, a letter of authority from the finance company confirming the final settlement figure
  • UK bank details of the registered keeper of the car
  • A bit of fuel in the tank for the collection agent

Make sure you carefully check your car over and you're being completely honest about the condition:

Mileage - Cars with lower mileages are generally worth more. They've been used less, and as a result the engine, interior and exterior are likely to be in better condition.

Condition - Little chips, scratches and dings happen to even the most careful of us. Be honest about the condition so you can avoid any disputes.

Service history & MOTs - All cars must have a valid MOT. A recent MOT and up-to-date service history will give dealers more confidence that the car has been well maintained and they'll be more likely to bid higher.

Number of previous owners - Generally the fewer previous owners, the better the valuation. Motorway secure offers irrespective of the number of previous owners.

Colour - There isn't a lot you can do about this one. Neutrally coloured cars (white, grey, black etc.) are more popular and can naturally push up bids for your car.

Location - More remote locations will cost dealers more to collect, so this could affect your offers.

These quick tips should help you maximise your chance of higher offers:

  • Good photos. Motorway have an app that will guide you through taking good quality pictures that dealers like to see. Make sure you're taking photos on a dry day, and somewhere with plenty of space.
  • Clear out that clutter! Take out any car seats, passengers, pets & shopping bags.
  • Clean inside and out. Support your local valet if you can.

With Motorway you can sell your car in as little as 24 hours. You will normally recieve your highest offer for your car on the same day.

Bank transfer. This is normally instant (depending on the dealer). You will not receive any payments in physical cash.

Yes. The buyer will pay off the finance directly and send you the (if any) difference.

You will need to provide a settlement figure from the finance company. They should provide one within a few days of you making a request, and you should receive it in the post within 2 weeks - it's usually valid for a further 10 days.

Should your settlement figure be larger than the bid on your car, you can pay the difference yourself or pay the buyer so they can write the whole sum off.

No. Motorway will not charge you any fee and you're under no obligation to sell.

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