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Carbon Offset Scheme

Ever since mid-2009, UK Carline has offered its clients the chance to lease vehicles and fleets on a green leasing, green driving or carbon neutral basis. We have calculated the CO2 output that our cars or vans will produce during the period of the contract and by investing in ethical and credible carbon reduction projects around the world we can offset the carbon produced. This is a bold statement, not only of UK Carline’s commitment to the environment, but also as a commitment to our customers to help them achieve their own specific carbon neutral or carbon reduction targets.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

You or your business' everyday actions consume energy and produce carbon emissions: driving, flying, heating your building(s) etc. Carbon offsetting compensates for your emissions by funding essential renewable energy, forestry and resource conservation projects around the world which generate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Should I Carbon Offset?

Many companies are looking for ways to reduce their CO2 emissions as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, and fleets running on petrol and diesel can produce upwards of 20% of a company's total CO2 output.

Running a greener fleet not only reduces your carbon footprint, but when tendering for new business gives reassurance that you are committed to both your Corporate Social Responsibility and the environment. Many companies support and give preference to suppliers, contractors, and partners who are able to demonstrate their commitment with a recognisable carbon reduction programme: especially those certified by a third party.

For many businesses and private individuals, internally reducing carbon emissions can have a negative impact on performance, or can carry a heavy financial burden: a carbon offset programme can deliver greater returns, enabling a business to meet reduction targets quickly and compensate for environmental impact.

How Can I Carbon Offset?

This is the simple bit: just ask our team. When you enquire, tell your account manager you are interested in our carbon offset scheme and they will include the small additional cost of this into you lease agreement.

We also offer a carbon evaluation of your existing vehicle or fleet operation. These vehicle or fleet reviews will show you how to save money on your operational costs just by analysing fuel usage, maintenance, journey planning, telematics, driver training and perception.

What About Hybrid Cars?

If you're looking to save long term costs whilst doing your bit for the environment you should also consider driving a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid cars use two different sources to drive their engines: an electric motor working with a diesel/petrol engine. The combination of the two allows for the same performance you'd expect from a regular car - but with significantly lower CO2 emissions and running costs.

Hybrid cars use up to 30% less fuel per mile than a regular car, and most emit less than 100g/km of CO2 - putting them in a lower tax bracket. For more information about leasing a hybrid, please visit our Hybrid Car Leasing page.

UK Carline believes that leasing carbon balanced, carbon neutral and carbon free are the most sensible options we can offer until the technology is available to support non-fossil fuel motoring. To read more about the Carbon Offset Project, and where the money is invested click here, and to view UK Carline’s environmental policy click here.

For any further enquiries regarding our CO2 Offset Scheme or Hybrid car leasing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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