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UK Lease Line

uk lease line asset finance & trade finance

Asset & Equipment Finance

We have an impressive range of funders that can finance a full range of equipment both new and used to meet most customer requirements. The range of equipment we can finance is wide and varied. Use our finance solutions to invest in new equipment for your business. Start to look at the best possible equipment as opposed to just what you can afford. We will always look for the best possible solution for all our customers.


If you have recently purchased equipment for cash, have equipment coming to the end of a finance agreement or have equipment that is owned outright, we can refund the purchase costs to you or release any equity still in the equipment. This is an excellent method of raising cash for your business without having to approach your bank.

Invoice Discounting / Invoice Finance

Are you sat on customer invoices waiting to be paid? This is one of the most frustrating situations known to any business. We have a number if solutions to help you solve this problem. These include:

  • Confidential invoice discounting on your client debtor book – get paid up to 85% of your invoices immediately.
  • Single customer invoice discounting - utilise invoice discount for a single customer that maybe causing an issue and leave the remainder of a debtor book in your control.
  • Single invoice discounting - nominate and finance a single invoice, This is generally a large invoice outside of your normal trading cycle.
  • Construction invoice discounting - We have specialist products for the construction industry aimed at sub-contractors. Allowing a sub-contractor to be paid on presentation of an invoice rather than certification. the invoice can be paid on a weekly basis if required.

Don't let your customers dictate your cashflow, take control of all payment due to you immediately.

Specialist Financnce

As well as these funding solutions we also offer the following competitive funding solutions:

  • Trade Finance – bridging the gap between purchases and sales
  • Stock Finance – allowing the purchase of stock
  • VAT & Tax Liability Funding – taking the sting out of unexpected bills
  • R&D Credit Funding – forward fund the credits
  • Contract Finance – realise the value of future rentals in advance
  • Specialist funding solutions for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWS) – including marine finance, fixed and rotary aircraft, prestige and vintage motor cars.
  • Commercial Loans – getting the necessary funds into your business for expansion, management buyouts / buyins
  • Property Finance – all aspects of property finance provided, including development, purchase, buy-to let, bridging finance

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