‘Affordable’ new Renault could prompt cheap car leasing

JonathanJune 30, 2011

A new vehicle from Renault could prompt a reduction in the prices set by car leasing companies in the UK.

The company’s Fluence Z.E electric car’s initial pricing was recently unveiled and will stand as the cheapest mainstream motor of its type in the country.

Describing its generous cost as “tempting”, Renault noted that the vehicle undercuts the price of every other electric model, as well as a number of comparably-sized diesel cars.

“Renault is bracing itself for an unprecedented surge,” said the manufacturer in a statement.

Priced at £17,850 – after taking the UK’s £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant into account – the Z.E stands for Zero Emissions due to the lack of C02 produced when the car is in motion.

Set to launch in the UK during 2012, the Prime Time launch edition of the vehicle will come with 16-inch alloy wheels, climate control and built-in satellite navigation systems.

Earlier in the month, Renault announced that British Gas would be its preferred supplier of charging points for its new range of electric vans and cars.

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