Audi to make DAB standard on majority of new vehicles

JonathanMarch 19, 2013

Motorists are set to experience an enhanced interior to their vehicle should they choose to drive a brand-new Audi in the months to come.

This is because the well-known German vehicle manufacturer has announced that digital radio reception is to be included as standard in the majority of its models beginning with the all-new Audi A1 and upwards.

Keeping in mind that the car maker always strives to deliver its customers with clarity and unwavering quality with their vehicle’s interior, the inclusion of digital radio without any extra cost is sure to be a welcome move.

What’s more, Audi is also to apply the concept to broadcasts which are transmitted by its audio systems, with drivers initially seeing the standard feature being installed into the A1 premium subcompact hatchback.

From there, the vast majority of cars which makes up Audi’s 2014 Model Year will be factory equipped to seamlessly tune motorists into crisp and clear Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

As well as the ability to listen to favourite radio channels without any crackle or interruption, digital radio also opens drivers up to much more stations than standard radio connections.

In fact, the official British governing body Digital Radio UK has estimated that the average listener will be able to tune into 20 more channels on top of their regular FM frequencies should they get to grips with DAB.

Martin Sander, the director of Audi UK, commented: “Quite simply, digital radio improves the ownership experience for our customers, not only in terms of the enhanced clarity and strength of its signal, but also the breadth of station choice and the degree of detail in the information it provides.

“Our premium in-car audio systems, and especially our outstanding BOSE and Bang & Olufsen upgrades, richly deserve digital broadcast quality, and I am delighted that we can now offer it as standard in the majority of models.”

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