Banishing the boy racer image

JonathanApril 17, 2014

Young drivers are constantly tarred with the reputation of being fast and reckless while on the road but new research has pointed to the contrary.

While there can be an obsession with some young people to put all the mod cons in their car, whether it be a new engine or bucket, racing-style seats, the majority are responsible motorists. A recent survey by Admiral MultiCar has found that although drivers aged between 17 and 25 are relatively sensible on the road they are looked down upon by older motorists.

The survey of 2,000 different age groups canvassed the views on other people's driving skills. It found that the older people get the worse their opinion of younger motorists gets. Maybe it is just another sign that people are increasingly grumpy in their old age and feel envious of their younger counterparts, or maybe it is a true reflection of the current situation.

Admiral MultiCar found that 90 per cent of drivers over the age of 65 (classed as older drivers) believe that young motorists drive more recklessly than other age groups. Three quarters of middle aged people, aged between 40 and 55, held the same opinion. Older drivers also considered the under-25s to be the worst on the road with 83 per cent backing this statement.

However, in defence of the under 25s the research highlighted that in the past year only 2.8 per cent of this age group received a speeding conviction. This is compared to 4.2 per cent of 40 to 55-year-olds and 2.4 per cent of people over the age of 65.

Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director, said: “Contrary to the view by some people that older drivers are nervous it appears the older we get the more confident we are in our driving skills. We also become more critical of younger drivers.”

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