Berlingo wins Best LVC 2012

JonathanJanuary 23, 2012

Businesses and individuals who rely on their vehicles for work purposes may want to switch to the Citroen Berlingo, as the van has won another award.

The Institute of Transport Management (ITM) has named the Berlingo as its Best LVC 2012.

Those who recognise that having the most practical and best equipped van can have a major impact on the success of their business, but do not think they can afford the model, may want to consider van leasing.

Hiring the Berlingo would help companies avoid many of the upfront costs associated with switching fleet vehicles means they can start reaping the rewards of its innovative design straight away.

The ITM judging panel said:”Businesses are looking for LCVs that are lighter, with lower emissions and better fuel efficiency, qualities that the Citroen Berlingo range has in spades.”

One quality which was deemed to be particularly effective was the eHDi micro-hybrid Stop & Start technology on the Airdream models.

Citroen explained that this system allows the vans to recover energy as they brake, meaning the engine can be automatically switched off while stationary, but ensuring all the internal electrical devices could still be left on.

Technological breakthroughs such as this have enabled the Berlingo to achieve a fuel economy of 60.1 mpg and have carbon dioxide emissions of 123g/km.

IAM stated that the key to the van’s success was to provide these efficiency improvements while still offering a great driving experience.

“The Berlingo has all the equipment and space of a light commercial van and yet drives like a car. It truly puts the customer in the driving seat,” noted the group.

According to the French manufacturer, the e-Hdi Airdream models are compatible with the latest Euro V standard. The firm states that the diesel engine is capable of producing 90 hp and a peak torque of 159lb.ft at 1,500rpm.

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