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JonathanMarch 7, 2014

With a bank holiday within sight, many people could be planning a little road trip for the long Easter weekend. To get you in the mood, we've found the ten best driving films that will have you desperate to get behind the wheel and hit the open road.

There's nothing that makes you want to get in a car and drive than see the big man himself – James Bond – put his skills to good use. This film features some awe-inspiring footage of 007 hitting the open road in a classy Aston Martin, which is sure to get you into the mood. Sure your car may not come with ejector seats, machine guns or a bulletproof rear shield, but you can still channel your inner James Bond.

Vanishing Point
Barry Newman makes driving look incredibly cool in the 1970's classic. Granted, he makes driving in London look easier than it ever has been (or ever will be) but he's fighting for law and order. However, he does manage to travel 950 miles going from Denver to San Francisco in around 15 hours, what more inspiration do you need?

OK, so this one may not feature real cars but the passion and drive is still there. Filmed with real horses, men and chariots, this iconic film sees one of the best, high-intensity, chases of all time. Amazingly, the whole movie was shot without a single person or animal being injured – makes the M25 look like child's play, right?

Featuring a plot that makes quantum physics look simple, Ronin sees some beautiful BMWs in action. Quality German engineering allows the film's main characters to navigate a series of heroic getaways in search for that all important briefcase. The movie also sees a Peugeot 406 and Citroen XM used as genuine getaway vehicles, unrealistic but yet inspiring.

The Italian Job 
What movie driving list would be complete without the original Italian Job? Although the opening scene sees a beautiful Lamborghini sacrificed, the film showcases some incredible car sequences. This film will make anyone with a pulse fall in love with driving all over again. Obviously, the headliner is the Mini Cooper chase sequence, which reserves the film's place in the best car driving movies of all time.

If a pizza delivery boy called Daniel can get a taxi to hit 180 mph then you can take the family on a road trip this bank holiday. The plot is tenuous at points but it is action-packed and features a number of brilliant car scenes – that require no figuring out or thinking. Far superior to its sequels and remakes, Luc Besson's timeless classic makes you want to get behind the wheel of a brand new car.

The Transporter
Jason Statham brings plenty of muscle to this hard-hitting, fast-paced film. Flavoured with some Luc Besson style, The Transporter brings a great deal of bad driving techniques, but makes it the perfect no-thinking-required movie to relax to before embarking on your own adventure.

This film has everything you need – a tough hero, cool cars and a brilliant bad guy. Bullitt saw Steve McQueen set the standard for cinematic car chases, blazing the way for the likes of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry and just about every car move after that. The final scene features one of the best car chases of all time, which still makes many modern ones look tame.

Back to the Future
OK, so it may be on the verge of reality but it's science fiction, meaning it definitely could possibly happen someday. It also features the Delorean – potentially the best movie car of all time – so who cares if it's not all that realistic? Plus, if Marty McFly wanting to escape his boring, everyday life with his mundane family doesn't make you want to hit the open road, then it's probably too late for you anyway. 

Drive is one of the best car films to hit the box office in recent years. Ryan Gosling is a moody, stuntman who has turned into an even moodier getaway driver. On his way to a normal day's work, he is struck by a number of unlikely incidents that make his life spiral out of his grasp. Brilliant.

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