Driven: BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Review

JonathanJune 22, 2016

bmw 2 series gran tourer review exterior photo

Driven: BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Review

Do BMW now have a car for everyone? Always recognised for their range of saloons and estates, they expanded their range into coupes, convertibles and SUVs. They’ve now expanded their range to include a compact seven-seater – so here’s our BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer review.

Targeting a market dominated by Citroen and Vauxhall, the Gran Tourer adds a splash of quality and prestige. Aimed squarely at families, this is the first compact seven-seater launched by BMW. Previously loyal BMW buyers had to buy the large X3 or, expensive and large X5 for seven seats, or other brands. BMW are expecting 60% of buyers to be families.

The model I’ve been driving was the 218d SE Auto. I’ll admit now I didn’t use the third row of seats, although I certainly made use of the absolutely tremendous load area. For a compact estate, the high roof gives a spacious passenger cabin, and the boot space behind the second row of seats is superb.

bmw 2 series gran tourer review interior photo

BMW have broken away from their rear-wheel drive tradition with the Gran Tourer by using Mini’s front-wheel-drive technology. This helps give the car a low boot floor, but after several hundred miles it still feels like a BMW. As expected with any MPV, the driving position is pretty high, but the steering is precise, the chassis is supple, and the ride is excellent. The 2.0 diesel engine in my car was extremely quiet, smooth and very economical. The 8-speed automatic in my test drive suited the car perfectly.

The Gran Tourer is available in a variety of petrol and diesel engines, and also with four-wheel-drive if needed. The spec on my SE version included navigation, Bluetooth, climate control, DAB, alloy wheels and automatic tailgate as standard. Higher specs offer even more, and a huge choice of options are available to personalise your car.

So, it’s good to drive, well built, generously equipped and very practical. So what’s not to like? From some angles, it looks a little uninspired – but then again this is an MPV, not a sports saloon. I admit I was expecting the car to be a little ordinary, but after a week I was very impressed.

The Gran Tourer starts from £25,000, or can be leased from as little as £225 + VAT per month (click here for more info). With low running costs this is great value for money for an MPV from a prestige manufacturer.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Review: TL;DR

For: Practical, refined & drives well

Against: Styling is a little bland

Verdict: Definitely worth your time

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