Car leasing news: Drivers ‘should be prepared’ for winter

JonathanOctober 22, 2010

The UK is expected to experience another harsh winter and one motoring organisation has warned drivers that they need to be prepared.

Kwik-Fit has launched a campaign to teach car leasing customers about the advantages of fitting winter tyres to their vehicles.

A survey by the tyre retailer found that last winter more than 70 per cent of drivers were affected by the weather, with one in three motorists skidding while on the roads.

Winter tyres could be one way of improving the performance of a vehicle in cold weather, as well as reducing the chances of suffering an accident.

According to Kwik-Fit, winter tyres will enable a car to stop 4.8m shorter in dry weather and 11m shorter on icy roads when travelling at 20mph.

These tyres are most effective at temperatures of less than seven degrees – which makes them suitable during most UK winters.

The BBC’s monthly weather outlook already predicts that temperatures will drop to single figures across much of the UK this month, with frost expected in some areas.

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