Car leasing news: Ford Fiestas top new registrations list

JonathanOctober 6, 2010

Car leasing customers may be interested to know that the Ford Fiesta was the most popular car among buyers during September, according to new vehicle registration data.

According to Car Dealer magazine, more than 19,000 Fiestas were registered over the course of the month, beating its nearest rival the Vauxhall Corsa by almost 5,000 cars.

People looking for car leasing deals may be interested in the popularity of specific vehicles as it could help them make a decision when it comes to their own car.

Vauxhall took three of the top five spots, with the Astra coming in third place and the Insignia taking fifth.

Meanwhile, Ford snapped up fourth place with its Focus.

The publication noted that almost 86,000 Ford Fiestas have been sold over the course of 2010.

One reviewer on noted that the 2011 Fiesta is a “fun to drive but economical small car” and added that the vehicle can “hold its own” in the “sporty subcompact niche”.

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