Chevrolet Volt wins What Car? Green Award

JonathanSeptember 21, 2012

The Chevrolet Volt has finished top of the Alternative-fuel category in the latest What Car? Green Awards 2012.

Editor in chief of the prestigious publication Chas Hallet said the key to the car’s success was the fact that drivers looking for an alternative-fuel vehicle no longer need to compromise.

One of the major concerns with new green technology is that the engines cannot be topped up like traditional ones.

However, the Volt can travel 40 miles on electric power before switching to its secondary petrol engine, taking away much of the range-anxiety.

“It is also effortless to drive, quick, comfortable and whisper-quiet,” said Mr Hallet.

Yet the car is a true free masterpiece of design. The American firm explained that it stands above its competitors as its wheels are powered by electricity at all times.

This works by having an advanced 150PS electric drive unit, which is aided by the supplementary 1.4-litre petrol-fuelled generator, which keeps the battery powered at all times, allowing the driver to go further for longer.

All this science means that the Volt has a total driving range of more than 300 miles and a fuel economy figure of 235.4 mpg.

This means that it is easy for drivers to save money by cutting down most of their monthly fuel expenditure, however people could be put off by the £34,940.00 basic list price.

However, much of this could be mitigated with a car leasing scheme, which make the Volt available from just £527.24 per month.

Rebecca Lawman, head of marketing at Chevrolet UK, said that the car was certainly worth a try now that the range anxiety of green technology has been removed.

“As a result Volt has redefined expectations in the alternative-fuel sector, offering cleaner motoring without any compromise in terms of ownership,” she added

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