Crackdown of unrealistic CO2 and mpg tests on horizon

JonathanAugust 28, 2014

Regulators at the EU are said to be in the process of creating new draft legislation that will result in vehicles being required to undertake emission and economy tests on public roads as opposed to laboratories.

According to reports, mpg tests are set to be changed by European Union to make them more reflective of driving on actual roads. At present, manufacturers are able to record exaggerated figures because tests are carried out in laboratories, but officials are trying to put a stop to these loopholes.

The move comes in response to a study carried out by the European Commission in 2013, which discovered that many respected manufacturers were effectively doctoring their performance stats, going as far as using unusually smooth services for tests and taping car doors.

As a result, the report found that some producers were able to manufacture CO2 figures up to 11% below what they would be if tested in real-world conditions. As of September 1st more thorough testing is set to be brought into effect, but the European Union is keen to introduce more extensive plans.

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