Detailing the new Toyota Auris

JonathanNovember 15, 2012

The Toyota Auris is being given a makeover in time for the festive season, with the vehicle set to appeal to the range’s “head and heart” rational.

Everything from the look of the vehicle to its driving dynamics have been overhauled by the Japanese car giant, while a raft of technology features are also awaiting drivers.

Fans of the previous Toyota Auris will likely initially notice that the 2013 edition of the vehicle boasts a new-look face.

This has been achieved by introducing a series of lines and detailing around the new headlight units, in order to present a road-hugging stance.

Other eye-catching features of the car’s exterior include a steeply-raked windscreen and the side glazing being stretched further towards its rear.

The all-new Auris also boasts a road height that is 10mm lower than its predecessor and 30mm longer, though the fact that Toyota has managed to reduce the vehicle’s overall height by 55mm means it remains one of the most compact vehicles in its class.

When it comes to assuring an exceptional level of performance when on the road, the Japanese manufacturer has granted the new Auris with a lower centre of gravity and a lower seating position for the driver.

Although the basic suspension geometry of the vehicle is unchanged compared to its predecessor, both the front and rear systems have been fine tuned to offer improved driver feedback, responsiveness and ride comfort.

Technology offerings come thick and fast inside the 2013 Toyota Auris as well. A Charging Control System governs the amount of power that the alternator can take from the engine while an Intelligent Park Assist system provides a helping hand when motorists are trying to manoeuvre into the tightest of spaces.

While awaiting for the new Toyota Auris to launch – it is set to hit UK roads by the end of the year – drivers have the opportunity to grab a great contract hire deal on a Toyota Auris 1.33 Dual VVTi T2 three-door for just £255.11 per month.

The car is able to deliver 48.7mpg, thus leading to fewer trips to a fuel forecourt, while presenting environmentally-friendly CO2 emissions of 135g/km.

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