Don’t Forget to Stop by the Giftshop…

JonathanNovember 11, 2015

If you head over to the Mercedes Benz Museum, make sure to pop into the giftshop – you’ll be able to take home the ultimate souvenir: a classic Mercedes of your very own.

Under the name All Time Stars (click for a peek – the site’s in German, though), the museum will sell their classic models – currently including a 1998 AMG CLK-LM, an E 60 AMG Limited (pictured), and a 630 Kompressor from 1929.

Of course, some of the cars are perfect, and some might need a little work:

All vehicles are categorised into three editions that describe their condition and authenticity:

  • Premium Edition: classic cars in rare original condition with very few miles on the clock and vehicles that have been lovingly restored by the experts are Mercedes-Benz Classic in Fellback/Stuttgart.
  • Collectors Edition: these cars are in excellent condition both technically and visually. Their patina gives them a particularly special character.
  • Drivers Edition: vintage vehicles and modern classics suitable for everyday driving and for people who want to tinker. These cars are in excellent technical condition but still offer potential for further restoration work.

Who’s up for a road-trip?

Via Motoring Research

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