Drivers told to maintain vehicles ahead of summer journeys

JonathanAugust 1, 2012

One of the main advantages of car leasing is that it provides easy access to new and reliable vehicles.

There are numerous financial benefits to contract hire, but none of them will seem important to a driver when they are stranded on the side of the motorway, watching the traffic speed by and any thoughts of a great summer holiday disappear beyond the horizon.

Having a well-maintain car is essential for those people planning to stay in Great Britain and travel long distances to the countryside or coast, according to GEM Motoring Assist.

David Williams, chief executive officer of the group, said: “With lots of people staying in the UK for their summer break this year because of the Olympics, there will be scores of families taking long journeys on our busy roads.”

GEM urges drivers to check their car’s tyres, brakes, windscreen wash, lights, oil and water levels before setting out.

The oragnisation also told people to be familiar with their route and make use of GPS or maps wherever they can.

“Breaking down is a huge concern as more and more people spend less money on car maintenance, so we want this advice to help drivers avoid any unnecessary hazardous situations,” commented Mr Williams.

Of course, using a car leasing scheme could make matters simpler for drivers.

A powerful and economic car like the Citroen C4 1.4 VTi VTR+ – which would be ideal for pulling a tourer – can be acquired using contract hire for much less than it would cost to purchase the model outright.

The basic list price of £16,200 often works out far more expensive than monthly payments of £129.99.

And once drivers are behind the wheel of the car, they have the added peace of mind of knowing that they are much less likely to need roadside assistance than if they had stuck with an older, poorly-maintained vehicle.

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