Ford Fiesta wins mpg competition

JonathanOctober 9, 2012

With the economic environment being what it is in the UK and fuel prices showing no sign of falling off, the importance of a sustainable and frugal car cannot be overstated.

The Ford Fiesta could be the ideal car for modern drivers for this exact reason, as it has just won a competition designed to find which vehicles have the best fuel economy in real world situations.

A 370-mile route involving tough roads and bad weather conditions was the challenge presented by the 2012 ALD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon, but the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi made short work of it and the competition, as it completed the journey with an astonishing fuel economy figure of 108.78 mpg.

This was enough to win by more than six mpg.

Event organiser Ross Durkin said that this year’s event will be remembered as the one that had two teams surpass the magical 100 mpg barrier.

He stated: “The average improvement over combined cycle figures achieved by the 27 vehicles in this year’s event was a whisker under 16 per cent – impressive by anyone’s standards.

“Manufacturers have done a tremendous job in improving the fuel efficiency of all new cars and vans, but motorists should see their published fuel consumption figures as a target to beat, not the maximum achievable.”

As so much effort has been taken to engineer such efficient engines, green cars are often more expensive than their less frugal counterparts, but that does not necessarily mean that drivers without thousands of pounds to spare to buy a new car need to miss out on the economic advantages they bring.

A personal car leasing deal can often prove to be an effective alternative.

Contract hire removes the need to buy cars outright and swaps this for regular monthly payments that are significantly lower, but the motorist will still get to drive the same sustainable car.

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