Ford’s EcoBoost wins engineering award

JonathanNovember 1, 2012

The 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine from Ford has won another accolade, picking up The Dewar Trophy 2012.

This latest award signifies the best in British technical achievement throughout the automotive industry and was presented to Graham Hoare, head of the Ford Dunton Technical Centre and EcoBoost engineers at the Royal Automobile Club, this week.

A judging panel analysed innovations from 35 other companies and organisations and the Ford team was recognised for not only setting themselves sophisticated and challenging targets, but for also developing a significant number of advanced technologies, which had ultimately pushed the boundaries of engine design.

Innovations include an exhaust manifold that is capable of lowering the gas temperatures to enable optimum fuel to air ratios across a wider rev range, while the two drive belts have been immersed in oil to ensure a more efficient operation.

“Ford’s engineers at Dunton have produced an outstanding downsized powertrain that delivers exceptional economy while achieving the high torque and relaxed driving characteristics normally associated with a diesel and the smooth, free-revving qualities of a petrol engine, that has won acclaim from everyone who has driven it,” said John Wood MBE, chairman of the Dewar Technical Committee.

Another member of the judging panel and editor-in-chief of Autocar magazine Steve Cropley added the EcoBoost ticks all the boxes for the modern motorist, as it delivers great efficiency, refinement and driver appeal.

The engine is compact enough to fit on an A4 sheet of paper and is currently available in the Ford B-MAX, the Ford Focus and the Ford C-MAX – some of the company’s most popular models.

A Ford car leasing deal could be an ideal way to get hold of this groundbreaking and award-winning technology without paying the upfront prices that are usually associated with such innovations.

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