Hamilton vs Block

JonathanMay 20, 2014

Top Gear's Live World Tour has taken Jeremy, James, Richard, and of course the Stig, across the globe, with car fans following their dust. 

However, the latest leg of the tour, taking place in Barbados, has perhaps been the most exciting yet. Although we've already seen the infamous trio blow things up, put more celebs into reasonably priced cars and start fires, the Caribbean island has played host to one of the most iconic events yet.

While the event was only in Barbados for two days (May 17th – 18th), the Top Gear team definitely made the most of their time there. 

According to the Top Gear blog, two motoring kings went head to head on the track in a landmark event, which is likely to take a place in driving legends. 

Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block took their company cars for a Sunday drive around the track, which may not sound that exciting, but when you take into account their models are a V8 Mercedes F1 racer and a Rallycross Ford Fiesta – things get a little more interesting.

The pair went against each other to see which driver, and what car, would be the first to cross the finish line. 

We don't want to spoil the result for you, but it's a thrilling race and you can head to the Top Gear blog and watch it all play out for yourself.

However, that wasn't all that kicked off at the Barbados stage of Top Gear's Live World Tour, and not all that the team had in store for the British racing giant. Jeremy, Richard and James set a number of challenges for Hamilton, which led to some exciting events for sure.

The driving-packed, adrenaline-fuelled weekend also saw the almighty Stig take to the racing track in a number of rubber-burning challenges, which will please car fans across the world. It also saw drag team demos, a celebration of a series of beautiful Italian-crafted cars and a race between the three presenters.

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