Hello, Range Rover Evoque Convertible

JonathanOctober 13, 2015

If you’ve ever sat down and wondered what a Range Rover Evoque would look like as a convertible, you can wonder no more! And although it looks a little (very) odd, we have a sneaky feeling that this is going to be a pretty big seller when it gets released in Spring next year.

Can you drive it off road? Yes! As the video at the bottom shows, it’s perfectly capable off road, and can even go in deep-ish water without much trouble. Full technical details are being held back until the proper launch in November, however Land Rover have confirmed that the Evoque Convertible will be offered with Terrain Response technology: this can adapt the drivetrain to different surfaces, such as road, gravel, mud, and snow; and we can expect the same range of Ingenium engines in the new and updated roofed Evoques.

Land Rover enthusiast and chief engineer Mike Cross is excited and pleased with the results:

“Land Rover prides itself on being a class leader when it comes to all-terrain capability and the Evoque Convertible is no different. Thanks to a combination of innovative engineering and the application of advanced technologies, Evoque Convertible will deliver a dynamic and assured SUV experience that has been tested around the world. We call it “The Convertible For All Seasons”.”

When can you get one? Spring next year(ish). How much will it be? Most likely a bit more than the current roofed version, but all will be revealed nearer the time.

Watch the video below.

Via Car Magazine

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