Hyundai delivers first hydrogen fuelled cars in Europe

JonathanJune 6, 2013

Hyundai’s low emission ix35 range has just gotten greener. This week, the South Korean car maker delivered the first 15 units of its assembly line-produced ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the city of Copenhagen. Denmark’s newly acquired vehicles are the world’s first assembly line-produced hydrogen-powered cars.

Hyundai Motor Europe’s president, Mr Byung Kwon Rhim, presented the cars as part of the opening ceremony of Denmark’s first hydrogen refuelling station. He said: “Hyundai Motor is committed to hydrogen as the fuel of the future for Europe.  Delivering assembly-line produced ix35 Fuel Cell is evidence that we have a realistic solution to the region’s sustainable mobility needs.”

The car maker has been a world leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology since it first began its investigative research at the Eco Technology Research Institute in 1998.

The South Korean manufacturer expects to build 1,000 ix35 Fuel Cell cars by 2015. The vehicles are equipped with 100 kW electric motors, can reach speeds of up to 100 mph, and are surprisingly powerful for hydrogen fuelled cars. ix35s can go 369 miles before a refuelling is required.

In addition to impressive fuel mileage, the models virtually eliminate CO2 emissions. Instead of tailpipe exhaust, the ix35 Fuel Cell models produces harmless water vapour. Because of their eco-friendliness, ix35 Fuel Cells have been used in various environmental awareness campaigns to promote hydrogen as an automotive fuel source, rather than traditional fuels like petrol or diesel. They have also been used to encourage an international refuelling infrastructure where hydrogen refuelling and plug-in stations are common. Campaigners hope an eco-friendly fueling framework would encourage uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles.

Not only are eco-advocates promoting the benefits of the ix35s, businesses owners are embracing them as well, in order to meet stringent regulations restricting CO2 emissions. The Hyundai ix35 Estate produces surprisingly low CO2 emissions for a mid-size model: only 158 g/km. Business contracts are available for this model starting at just £224.25 per month.

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