Jaguar to add new green option for car leasing customers?

JonathanOctober 11, 2010

Jaguar is looking into the feasibility of putting its C-X75 concept electric supercar into full production, reports suggest.

According to Autocar, sources indicate that the manufacturer is thinking about two possible production levels for the vehicle, which was announced by Jaguar at the end of September.

The C-X75 is powered by four electric motors and two micro gas turbines. The car is capable of a zero tailpipe emissions range of 68 miles when running on battery power only and can reach 205 mph.

If the supercar does go into production, it will provide a new green option for drivers considering using car leasing to invest in a new vehicle.

However, motorists may have a long wait on their hands for the C-X75.

“We’re talking two to three years for implementation of the gas turbine technology, then another three to four years to integrate into a vehicle,” Tony Harper of Jaguar tells Autocar.

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