Kia Ray could be perfect for leasing requirements

JonathanDecember 28, 2011

Those who rely on their vehicles for work purposes may always have an eye on industry news to be aware of how they can cut motoring costs to ensure that their business has every possible advantage.

Some car leasing customers already make substantial savings, but many struggle to reduce their fuel expenditure.

The latest announcement from Kia could herald the start of a new era of fleet management and the associated motoring issues.

According to the Korean manufacturer, the Kia Ray EV could help electric vehicles become more mainstream in the future, thus reducing the costs associated with fuel and allowing companies to lower their carbon footprint.

The model is assembled on the same production lines as the firm’s other vehicles in the range meaning the EV only has four separate exterior parts.

Kia’s designers and engineers have manufactured the electronic fuel source in the new car to be capable of driving 86 miles between charges that only last 25 minutes, meaning even the most demanding of motorists will not experience too much downtime.

The company has also enabled the driver to choose between increased efficiency and improved performance with the introduction of new automatic transmission.

Motorists can select the E mode to optimise the delivery of energy to the wheels, increasing the battery life, or can opt for B mode, which heightens the breaking power on downhill and motorway runs.

The technological advancements associated with the Ray EV mean that it is actually a faster accelerating car than the related gasoline-powered models and it has a top speed of 130 kph.

Kia announced that the Korean government will use 2,500 units of the Ray for its fleet needs in 2012.

Those car leasing customers who require something a bit more rugged may want to hire the Kia Sorento, which has been named Total 4×4 magazine’s Best SUV for the second year in a row.

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