New Super Battery Could Power Future Electric Cars?

JonathanNovember 2, 2015

Soon this could get you to Scotland

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have unveiled their new “super battery”, which could replace the current lithium-ion tech found in most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The lithium-oxygen battery has a theoretical energy density ten times that of lithium-ion – which in English would enable a car with a battery that is a fifth of the weight and a fifth of the cost to get from London to Edinburgh on a single charge.

The downside? The tech, according Prof. Clare Grey may still be at least a decade away.

“While there are still plenty of fundamental studies that remain to be done, to iron out some of the mechanistic details, the current results are extremely exciting – we are still very much at the development stage, but we’ve shown that there are solutions to some of the tough problems associated with this technology.”

For some proper science:


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