Nissan takes top prize at green awards

JonathanNovember 21, 2011

Car leasing customers who are keen to ensure their travels have as small an impact on the environment as possible could choose to switch their car to one manufactured by Nissan, which has recently won a top industry sustainability prize.

The Japanese firm was named Low Carbon Car/Van Manufacturer of the Year at last week’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Low Carbon Champions Awards. The honour was the most prestigious at the ceremony, which was held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in central London.

Industry factors such as manufacturing processes and fleet operations were all taken into account before the awards were handed out and Nissan finished the night with two important prizes, as judges also gave the automotive organisation the award for Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport.

Nissan vehicles were praised for always being at the cutting edge of green technology and the adjudicators called the company a leader in the “electrification of transport”.

Central to Nissan’s success was the development of the manufacturer’s first electronic car the Nissan Leaf and the work the firm has done to ensure electronic motoring can easily co-exist with the prevailing motoring infrastructure.

“These latest awards reflect the industry’s confidence in the Nissan Leaf, its innovative technology, quality build, durability and appeal to the motorist,” said Jim Wright, managing director of the British division of Nissan.

The Leaf is expected to be available from a significantly increased number of outlets in the new year and has already been a critical success, winning the What Car? Ultra Low Carbon Award for 2011.

“We blazed a trail with the Leaf and our inherent belief that we were creating a vehicle that could help move us towards no-carbon driving has paid off for us as a company,” added Mr Wright.

Car leasing customers could also choose to hire vehicles from Ford and Renault as they were also singled out for praise at the awards.

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