Payday Millionaires

JonathanJune 30, 2017

Payday Millionaires

Ever wanted to live the celebrity life of fine food, glitzy parties, to-die-for dresses and luxurious breaks? Of course you have – but we all know that sort of lifestyle costs money.

But what if you knew a few clever shortcuts, like turning to AirBnB for your private island and renting your celeb-worthy clothes for a few days at a time? We’ve done some research to find out how you can do it all on a gold-plated shoestring.

Living on a large private island

Johnny Depp, Shakira and Leonardo DiCaprio have all famously bought private islands, but having your own slice of paradise is actually surprisingly affordable – if you’re prepared to rent.

Brother Island, a tropical haven in the Philippines, can be booked out in its entirety for as little as £239 a night on AirBnB – that’s less than some hotels charge! The price includes three meals a day, accommodation for up to 12 guests and even a housekeeping service – you can even book a beach massage for that ultra-glitzy extra.

Host a glammed-up party

Partying like a millionaire also costs less than you might think. First off, you want to get the look: a black leather Chanel handbag can be hired for just £35, while a swanky designer dress – like the Sass & Bide one worn by Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian – can be rented for £59. Add in jewellery hire (£63) and professional hair and makeup (£100), and you can rock the celebrity look at your party for a slender total of £257.

Hiring the right venue gets pricier, of course, but you don’t have to be an A-lister to enjoy the thrills of a mansion. Stately homes like the 13 bedroom Northmoor House in Somerset can be rented out for as little as £1,950 for the weekend. If you get your 24 guests to chip in (admittedly not very celebrity-like, but we’re talking about budget here!) that brings the cost down to about £80 a piece.

Want a touch of glamour? Hiring a celebrity to show up for your event can cost under £1,000 as long as you’re not fussy about who shows up – although if you’re choosing from the C-list and above, it’ll cost you at least £2,500 from booking agencies like JLA (Sir Chris Hoy, meanwhile, commands more than ten times that!).

Meanwhile, a professional event photographer costs an average of “284 according to Bidvine – a little pricey, you might think, but may be worth it for that perfect envy-inducing Instagram shot.

Enjoy the finer things in life

If you have a taste for Michelin-starred dining and gallery-quality art, surprise surprise – these things can cost far less than you think. While buying fine art is usually the preserve of celebrity elites (Hugh Grant, for instance, once bought a $2 million Andy Warhol on a drunken whim) you can rent it for a fraction of the price. Companies like Rise Art let you borrow professionally-produced artwork from just £22 a month – just the thing to give your home the wow factor.

Want to eat like a king? Rather than setting the kitchen alight, enlist a private chef for your dinner parties – a three-course menu from La Belle Assiette starts as just £39 per person, going up to £89 if you want the full Michelin-starred experience.

Don’t neglect your wheels

So you’ve got your private island, your country manor, your fine art and fancy clothes on the cheap – why not make sure your car matches your lifestyle too? In this article we’ve tried to show you how you can live like a celeb for less by renting rather than buying – and that’s just what you can do with our fantastic monthly rentals.

With celeb-worthy rides like the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, Jaguar F-Type and Bentley Continental GT available at affordable monthly rates, there’s no reason you need an A-lister income to enjoy a taste of the good life when you’re on the road. Take a look at our leasing deals to find out why we think leasing beats buying every time!

How the costs break down

Item Cost Period of time
Designer bag hire £35 One week
Designer evening dress hire £59 Three days
Designer suit hire £112 Three days
Rent a private island £476 Two nights (minimum stay)
Expensive jewellery hire £63 Three days
Art hire £22 One month
Mercedes E Class Cabriolet lease £492 Monthly*
Yacht hire £676 One day
Hire a chef for a dinner party £312 One meal, 8 guests
Professional photographer £284 One event
Hire a makeup artist £100 One event
Hire a celebrity to come to your party £3,750 One event
Rent a house for a party £2,500 One weekend

*Over a 4 year contract


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