Personal leasing customers may be speeding

JonathanJuly 26, 2011

Personal contract car customers may wish to keep a closer eye on how fast they are driving, with new figures revealing that the typical motorist in fact breaks the speed limit 18,000 times during their lives.

According to price comparison site Go Compare, accidents are also concerning for those taking to the road, with the average driver involved in up to 35 minor incidents such as bumps and scrapes, as well as having 81 near-misses, the Daily Mail reports.

Road safety charity Brake is now campaigning for people to drive at 20mph or less when in built-up areas in a bid to reduce road traffic deaths, which could please parents during the summer holidays since four out of five are concerned about letting their kids out to play because of speeding cars.

A separate Weetabix study also indicated that 14 million people have nearly dozed off while behind the wheel on long journeys and four per cent – or 1.7 million Britons – have fallen asleep when driving.

John Miles of Go Compare said that when in the middle of a journey, a motorist’s mind should be on the task ahead, “not juggling a hot coffee and a mobile phone”.

“Ferrying people around on dates, applying makeup, checking the telephone, crying, listening to music and kissing are just some of the other things motorists get up to in the car,” he went on to say.

A previous study also found that personal leasing customers and other drivers are being put at risk by slow motorists, with 60 per cent saying that cars moving slower than the rest of the traffic are their biggest pet peeve.

What’s more, one-third of those asked said slow-moving motors were to blame either for an accident or a near-miss in the past.

Posted by Paul Jenkins

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