Peugeot to help car leasing customers learn about green motoring

JonathanOctober 24, 2010

Many motorists are confused about low-carbon vehicles, a new survey has shown, with one automaker hoping to help educate drivers.

Research carried out on behalf of Peugeot found that three quarters of respondents could not say if their car was low-carbon or not, while many associate this type of vehicle with high costs and alternative fuels.

The car manufacturer hopes to challenge these perceptions with its range of low-carbon vehicles, as well as an innovative car leasing scheme to encourage people to change their driving habits.

As well as its electric vehicle the Peugeot iOn, two other low-carbon models have been highlighted by the automaker.

The diesel-powered Peugeot 207 is one such car, emitting less than 100g/km of CO2, while the Hybrid4 diesel model is set to launch next year and promises improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions in a family-sized vehicle.

Peugeot is also running a car leasing scheme that enables drivers to choose the most appropriate vehicle for the journey they need to make. The company hopes that this will encourage motorists to think more about their driving habits.

Earlier this month, a study by Bosch revealed that only five per cent of drivers see the green credentials of a car as important when looking to lease or buy.

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