Potholes ‘causing trouble’ for personal car leasing customers

JonathanJuly 29, 2011

Personal car leasing customers may find their vehicles have been damaged by potholes on the UK’s roads, a problem experienced by one-third of motorists.

This is according to new research from road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which found that just 14 per cent of people believe their local council’s maintenance of roads is either good or very good, while over half consider it bad or very bad.

Of the 2,600 respondents to the survey, 88 per cent thought pothole repairs should be councils’ top priority, with 16 per cent having been involved in or witnessed an accident caused by someone driving over such a divot.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research with the IAM, noted that the public is not happy with the state of the nation’s highways, although many know that the real problem is the government’s spending cuts.

He went on to say that “80 per cent of those polled thought that local councils should work more closely together to increase efficiency and, with no loosening of the public purse strings in sight, it will take partnerships to ensure the backlog in road maintenance does not continue to stack up”.

Other important maintenance factors identified in the study included the annual surfacing of worn-down roads and keeping grass and foliage cut back in order to preserve visibility, with 58 per cent and 64 per cent of respondents respectively considering such action essential.

According to Potholes.co.uk – an independent website designed to help drivers claim any compensation required after sustaining damage to a car, as well as assisting councils to improve roads – potholes are thought to be to blame for up to one in five mechanical failures, costing drivers approximately £320 million annually.

What’s more, these divots are a major contributor in suspension and axle failure, problems that cost drivers in the UK around £2.8 billion each year.

Posted by John Turner

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