Problems that every old car has

JonathanMay 28, 2014

People become understandably attached to their vehicles, even when they are rundown old bangers that are costing them money or letting them down. If this alone isn't enough, and you need further persuading when it comes to ditching your old banger in favour of a new model, we've come up with the three most common travesties that cars can put us through.

High petrol consumption
With the price at the pump rising, the last thing you need is a car that guzzles the stuff like a dehydrated whale. This can not only be costly because of the amount of petrol you need to put into your car to complete the shortest of journeys, but it can also drive other expenses up. 

If you have an old and inefficient vehicle, it is likely that your other costs – like MOT, car insurance and road tax – will also be much higher in comparison to you friends'; especially if they have nice, new and downright beautiful cars.

Although the economy is finding its feet again and business is booming, few people would turn down the opportunity to have a little more cash in the bank every month. Leasing a brand new car can be a much more affordable way of, not only running a vehicle, but having the chance to drive a model fresh off the production line.

We've all been there. You've finally got all of your family packed into the car; you've remembered the GPS, and a map just in case. Days of planning, and arguing, have come down to this one moment. You put your keys in the car. Nothing. You try again. Nothing. Your car was fine yesterday but today it has decided to resign its position as the family's little run-around. 

Not your thing? Well, imagine it's that important business meeting or you're heading out to catch England's debut at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Yup – a pretty big deal. Old cars are unreliable. They are fine one minute and are costing you the earth to repair the next. Whether you rely on your car for business or it's more for your time away from the office, few people can deal with a vehicle that can't be relied on to get you from A to B.

New cars offer you far more benefits. They are reliable because the engine, and all its other beautiful technology, is brand new. They are innovative and brilliant and exactly what you need. 

You don't look your best
We all know that keeping up with the Joneses is really unsophisticated, but keeping up with your friends is a completely different story. Nobody likes to be the runt of the pack, least of all when it comes to the vehicle you get behind the wheel of. However, far from just being as good as your friends, having an old banger can mean you don't look professional.

It may sound shallow, and it is, but a new car helps you look the part at the office as well as with your mates. Well what would you do? You see two people pull up for a business meeting; one in a brand new car and the other in an old banger, with a dent or two and smoke piling out the back. Who are you going to give the contract to? 

First impressions are important, whether we want to admit it or not, and business is fierce. Let's face it, we all need as much help as we can get to get ahead. Although driving a new car won't answer all your problems, it can help give you the edge that you need.

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