Puncture-proof tyre developed

JonathanDecember 14, 2011

A new airless tyre developed by Bridgestone promises to make life easier for car leasing customers and other motorists who need a reliable vehicle.

The company has been working on a non-pneumatic concept tyre that uses an interior structure of spokes made from thermoplastic resin instead of pressurised air.

This removes the threat of punctures and is also more eco-friendly than regular types of tyre, as the resin is 100 percent recyclable.

Bridgestone has indicated that its airless tyre could soon be ready for mass production, offering motorists a more dependable and greener alternative to conventional tyres.

The concept has been around in the tyre industry for a while now, with Michelin working with the technology back in the early 2000s.

Drivers thinking about changing their tyres may like to heed recent motoring advice from TyreSafe, which urged people to consider winter tyres as a safer option during the colder months.

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