Race the Stig

JonathanMarch 26, 2014

When many of us get behind the wheel of a car for work or to taxi the family around, it can easy to lose your love of driving. Remember that rush of excitement you had when you were a teenager who had just got a licence, and how thrilling it felt to have the open road in front of you, knowing that you could go wherever you wanted?

Well it's time to get that back. No longer will driving only consist of being stuck for hours in rush hour traffic or waiting in the car until your child's ballet or football session ends. It's time to reclaim driving.

However, taking on the open road is all a little too draining after long meetings and endless emails, so why not reclaim the love of driving from the comfort of your own sofa?

Top Gear's Race The Stig game is ideal and costs you the grand sum of nothing from the App Store, Amazon, Windows Phone and Google Play – making it an absolute bargain. In fact, last week it was so popular it ranked as the third most popular game on the iTunes Store around the world.

The game itself sets you behind the wheel of a high-speed journey through some of Top Gear's most iconic locations. That's right, you can finally show James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson how it is really done.

You'll need to channel all your driving skills into your fingertips to navigate the obstacles and collect as many Golden Nuts as you can. Throughout the game drivers will be chased by the one and only Stig.

However, it wouldn't be Top Gear without the cars. Race The Stig allows you to drive some of the most expensive and fast cars to star in the series' Challenge segment. Richard Hammond’s beloved Oliver, Jeremy’s Italian police car complete with Ben Hur wheels, and James’ Amphibious Triumph Herald all feature in the game. 

Car leasing can also help you get back your love of driving by giving you a wide variety of new models to get behind the wheel of.

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