Renault Trucks set to reveal new range

JonathanMay 30, 2013

If you’re looking for fuel efficient, powerful trucks to complete your hauling fleet, brace yourself for a big announcement. On June 11th, Renault Trucks will unveil a brand new range of reliable, high performance trucks to maximise your fleet’s performance.

Renault has invested considerable time, effort and resources into the new range, which have been specifically designed to be as fuel efficient as possible. Even the external frame of the new models has been streamlined for optimal aerodynamics. After seven years of hard work, prototype creation and revision, computer assisted simulation, track trials and extensive research, Renault’s trucks are finally being released to the public.

The highly anticipated range will be unveiled in Lyon, Renault’s hometown. Although the primary purpose of the vehicles is to help customers control their costs, Renault Trucks is hoping the new range will attract some new business and help boost their market share.

After the best part of a decade of rigorous testing, only time will tell if the trucks were worth the wait.

One thing is for sure, Renault Trucks didn’t complete the range without a little help. They worked in close association with customers, using feedback to shape the design. Fifty international customers were allowed a sneak peek at the vehicles – some even had the opportunity to test the new trucks under normal operating conditions. By the end of the trial period, they had completed two million kilometres’ worth of on-road tests and provided helpful feedback for the auto maker.

Fitted with Euro 6 engines and Euro 5 blocs, the new range combines efficiency with reliability to minimise operational costs for fleet managers. Renault’s new trucks represent the company’s commitment to delivering some of the best performing models on the market.

Invest in a company that prioritises your needs as a fleet operator and works hard to meet your exacting standards. Even if you don’t need a truck for hauling purposes, plenty of cars leasing deals are available for smaller, compact vehicles like the Renault Twingo Hatchback. Or, if you need a van to complete your fleet, consider the Renault Grand Espace Diesel Estate, which gets impressive gas mileage for a large model.

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