Reversing ’causes many accidents’

JonathanDecember 22, 2011

Car leasing customers have been urged to take particular care when reversing, especially during the festive period when many are likely to be manoeuvring in and out of tight car parking spaces.

New research by Accident Exchange has found that 200,000 accidents are caused by reversing vehicles each year in the UK, with the majority of them being the fault of the driver who was travelling backwards.

The figure is around eight per cent of the total number of road traffic accidents and the authority believes careful observations, particularly at this time of year, will help drivers to avoid becoming a statistic.

Many car leasing vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, but human error is still a problem.

“Despite the proliferation of technology such as parking sensors and reverse cameras, drivers are not taking enough care to accurately check their surroundings whilst reversing,” said Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange.

Earlier this year, the group released statistics which showed that six per cent of road accidents were caused by lane changing manoeuvres.

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