Road casualties still too high says IAM

JonathanJune 26, 2014

New figures released by the Department for Transport has found that the number of people being killed on British roads has reached its lowest since records began in 1926. However, despite this significant decrease, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) says that more needs to be done to further reduce the number of Brits fatally injured on the roads.

The statistics show that the number has fallen by two per cent since 2012, with around 1,710 people killed in road accidents – half as many as in 2000. 

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said the organisation is pleased to see the overall decrease in road deaths in 2013 as it shows that the UK is continuing on a downward trend, despite roads getting a little busier as the economy picks up.

However, he added that the low figure still means that nearly five people a day are losing their lives on the UK's roads.

According to the stats, 21,657 people were seriously injured in road accident during 2013, while the total number of casualties of all severities was 183,670. However, the number of drivers killed fell to 785, down two per cent compared with 2012 and 44 per cent compared with the 2005-2009 average.

Across the period, there were 398 pedestrian deaths, five per cent fewer than in 2012, and the number of cyclists killed also fell by eight per cent from 118 in 2012 to 109 in 2013.

Despite the obvious progress being made in road safety, IAM wants more to be done to further reduce the number of people who lose their lives on British roads, especially on motorways.

Mr Greig called it "worrying" that motorways have seen a 14 per cent increase in deaths, when traffic on the high-speed roads has only risen by 1.5 per cent.

"It is vital that the government keeps a close eye on these figures as the Highway Agency rolls out its programme of widespread hard shoulder running as opposed to proper motorway widening."

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