Smart cities could change nature of car leasing

JonathanMay 24, 2011

The future of car leasing in urban areas could lie in green technologies as smart cities bring together a broad range of different eco-positive innovations.

Smart Transport – which could introduce more electric or hybrid vehicles to car leasing fleets – is just one of the trends identified by cleantech analyst Pike Research in its latest findings.

In its report, simply entitled Smart Cities, the research specialist lists Smart Transport alongside Smart Government, Smart Building and Smart Utilities as the core developments shaping the future of metropolitan environments.

Senior analyst Eric Woods says: “Today there is still no example of a smart city that is supporting hundreds of thousands, never mind millions, of people.”

He adds that those planning such developments still face a significant number of challenges.

In spite of this, however, the current decade is predicted to see investments of about $108 billion (£67 billion) into the supporting innovations required to put smart cities into place by 2020.

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