Stay smart on the new M25

JonathanApril 14, 2014

The dawn of a new M25 is upon us and motorists are being urged to familiarise themselves with the upcoming changes.

As of Monday (April 14th) a stretch of the highway will become a 'Smart Motorway' and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) explains that road users need to be aware of how the changes will impact on their use of the motorway. Covering 20 miles, the new style highway will include the permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to a normal running lane. The aim is to increase capacity and therefore reduce congestion and journey times for motorists.

The two sections will be in place between junctions 23 and 25 in Hertfordshire as well as junctions five and six/seven on the Kent/Surrey border. However, the FTA noted its concern that some motorists may not be aware of how the changes will affect their driving. The main issue comes with when a person has broken down and they will need to know how to move their vehicle safely away from the road.

Malcolm Bingham, the FTA's head of road management policy, explained that while the body backs the Highways Agency's plans of aiming to improve journey times and the potential boost to the UK economy, people need to ensure that they are fully prepared.

"The Highways Agency has produced an information leaflet on the new ‘Smart Motorway' operation, and the Association is urging fleet operators and their drivers to look to the advice provided and ensure that they are as smart in the use or the road as the technology is on these new sections," Mr Bingham added.

As more and more improvements are introduced to the nation's motorways it is increasingly important that people know the specific rules in place. With the Highways Agency planning more changes, with around £1.7 billion being invested in the south-east alone by 2021, drivers need to ensure they are clued up.

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