Study hints at danger of phone-wielding pedestrians

JonathanSeptember 25, 2014

A fresh study that’s currently doing the rounds has revealed that over a quarter of drivers in the country have come close to running over a pedestrian who was paying too much attention to their phone and not enough to where they were walking.

The research, conducted by, found that 27 percent of British motorists have been forced to brake or swerve so as not to hit pedestrians on their phone, with 8 percent of respondents actually claiming to have hit phone-distracted pedestrians!

In the same report, a frightening 14 percent of pedestrians said that they’ve crossed a road without looking while using their phone and 31 percent said they’ve been distracted from looking for traffic because of their phones, proving that mobile phones are a danger in more ways than one.

Gemma Stanbury, Head or motor insurance at, believes pedestrians as well as drivers need to be aware of their responsibility.

“We are already aware that mobile phone usage can have a profound impact on road safety. There is already much being done to raise awareness around the dangers of motorists using their mobile phones behind the wheel, but it is the responsibility of all road users – both motorists and pedestrians, to pay full attention when on the roads,” said Gemma.

So how does the distraction break down? Well, texting was rated by 66 percent as the most common distraction, speaking on the phone was 57 percent, Facebook was 23 percent, WhatsApp was 18 percent, reading emails was 13 percent and taking selfies was 3 percent.

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