Talking cars set to launch by 2015, car manufacturers say

JonathanJune 26, 2013

Talking, networking road vehicles are set to become a reality for the masses in the next two years, it has been claimed. According to the BBC, the development of ‘car-to-x’ technology – which utilises 3G mobile broadband and Wi-Fi technology – means this will be the reality for the next generation of vehicles.

Frankfurt-based Safe Intelligent Mobility Testfield (Sim TD) – a consortium of vehicle manufacturers with factories in Germany – is making clear progress on the technology, which should help reduce the number of road accidents.

Vehicles equipped with ‘car-to-x’ technology should be able to warn the driver of hazards beyond the vision of the driver, such as traffic jams and crashes. This could help reduce the likelihood of incidents involving lease cars, as well as vehicles owned by individual road users.

The project is being led by Daimler, which manufactures the Mercedes Benz. BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and Opel are also involved in the development project, the news provider said. It reported that Sim TD has already conducted tests using 500 Frankfurt drivers, who between them have clocked up more than one million miles using talking cars.

The body believes the first generation of these vehicles will enter the mass market by 2015, with a range of new safety features included.

Project leader Dr Christian Weiss claimed the system “has huge benefit potential”. “If we succeed in making traffic more fluid, we improve mobility,” he stated. “That also has an impact on the environment. If you have smoother traffic, you use less fuel.”

Dr Weiss claimed that ‘car-to-x’ will play a role in every market in the future, helping to improve the driving experience for millions of road users. He noted that, in addition to the work being carried out in Frankfurt, tests are already underway in North America, and discussions have begun with officials in both Japan and China.

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