The First Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opens in the UK

Silvia CrayDecember 8, 2020

The UK’s first electric vehicle only charging station opened in Braintree in Essex this week. The Electric Forecourt® operated by Gridserve, the renewable energy company, provides super-fast and reliable charging for up to 36 vehicles at the same time. This is the first of more than 100 electric charging facilities planned to be built in the next 5 years across the UK by the company. The aim is to make electric vehicle (EV) charging cheaper, faster and stress free for drivers.

Cheapest ultra-power charging on the market

The electric chargers are powered by sustainable energy and can deliver 350kW charging power each. This means that you can top up the battery adding 200 miles of range in 20 minutes. The initial cost of charging will be just 24p per kWh of energy, making it the lowest commercial rate for ultra-power charging on the market. To charge an average electric car battery from 20% to 80% will cost you less than £10.

Gridserve has partnered with the ‘Best of British’ retailers WH Smith, Costa Coffee, the Post Office, Booths and Gourmade. While you charge your car, you can relax in the waiting lounge, have access to free superfast WiFi, grab a coffee and do some shopping. A children’s play area, business meeting pods and a wellbeing area with exercise bikes that generate electricity, are all available at the Braintree site. And if you are a Tesla driver, you have access to 6 Tesla Superchargers.

No more ‘range anxiety’

The sale of alternative fuel vehicles has increased in recent years. And the government recently decided to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onwards. According to the vehicle registration database, sales of battery electric vehicles in the UK was up by 165% this year to date compared to the previous year. At UK Carline leasing of hybrid and electric vehicles now accounts for around 20% of all our sales.

The roll-out of the Electric Forecourts will offer electric car drivers a new, faster and easily accessible charging infrastructure. Electric car charging will become a great deal easier in the future. With the new electric charging networks gradually replacing petrol stations, the ‘range anxiety’ currently felt by some drivers of electric vehicles will soon be a thing of the past.

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