The future look of mobility

JonathanMay 2, 2013

Times are changing for the automotive industry. Britain’s youth are becoming increasingly committed to social media and online interaction, and as a result, cars are losing their appeal. As this shift in drivers’ priorities is fully realised, young Brits care little about how their car looks. Instead, they are concerned only with functionality and fuel efficiency.

In fact, young people are buying fewer cars nowadays. Instead, they are opting for public transportation, carpooling and leased vehicles. Dale Harrow, a professor at the Royal College of Art in London, said: “They (youth) are being brought up in a society where you rent or hire, be it mobile phones, houses, or even cars, and they want to be able to upgrade to the latest technology as quickly as possible.”

As time goes on, car ownership is becoming less important. Now, it’s being replaced by more adaptable, flexible options. As Prof Horrow said, in the future, “people will not so much want to spend their money on cars, but on the experience”. Motorists’ priorities are shifting rapidly – car manufacturers and leasing agencies will have to keep pace.

Kia UK’s president, Paul Philpott, recently told HeadlineAuto: “The majority of customers will continue to lease or buy because of the freedom and confidence a car gives you.”

If you’re in the market for a new car, but don’t want to commit to buying one, leasing is ideal. UK Carline has a fantastic selection of innovative models available for hire, many of which offer superior fuel efficiency and low petrol emissions. Electric ranges are on offer, like the Vauxhall Ampera Hatchback, which gets 235.4 MPG.

In the future, however, it may take more than low CO2 emissions and impressive gas mileage to entice young consumers. Some car makers are considering completely revolutionising their manufacturing techniques. For example, vehicles may become totally customisable with tailored panels, colours and gears. In addition, some brands are looking at incorporating wifi technology into their models, so that drivers will feel more connected with the online community. To ensure safety on the road, driverless cars may become available on the market.

Motorists and manufacturers alike will be looking forward to changes in car design, technology and amenities that await.

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