The new Yaris could be perfect for car leasing

JonathanFebruary 13, 2012

As an increasing amount of car manufacturers devote more and more resources to finding solutions to the problem of rising petrol costs, Toyota, one of the original innovators of alternatively-fuelled cars, has released details of its future models.

Car leasing customers looking for ways of reducing their motoring costs may be interested in the Japanese company’s new production-ready Yaris hybrid.

The car was on display at the recent Geneva motor show and plenty of delegates and motoring enthusiasts were keen to get a closer look at Europe’s first fully hybrid supermini.

Car leasing customers can order the Yaris from June and they will find that they can take advantage of the re-engineered Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.

Motorists already familiar with the Yaris’s surprisingly spacious interior will be pleased to know that all the changes occur under the bonnet.

The car features a new engine which is 16.5kg lighter than the existing hybrid powerplant and is capable of producing 99bhp.

Engineers have managed to implement the technology, which gives the vehicle class-leading levels of low carbon emissions, while still maintaining a smooth performance.

Anyone who is less concerned about lowering their carbon footprint and reducing their fuel bills may find that the firm’s all-new GT 86 may be more to their tastes.

The sports coupe arrived at the motor show leaving a cloud of hype behind it.

Toyota states that the car is for people who want to rediscover the sheer joys of driving and it has already achieved significant critical acclaim.

A few concept cars were also debited at the exhibition. Toyota’s environmental ethos is taken to the extreme in the FT-Bh – a small hybrid city car, which has been produced using low-cost materials and a simple manufacturing process.

The FCV is the first step in a process which the company hopes will result in an on-the-road saloon hybrid by 2015.

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