Top five movie-inspired names to call your car

JonathanMarch 21, 2014

Many drivers like to give their car a personal touch by giving it a name, whether it's in a satirical way or in all seriousness. However, it can be tricky finding a moniker that suits your new motor and is cool enough, just incase you let it slip in front of your friends.

When you are looking for something that will be credible with both your other half and your mates, the best place to look for inspiration is the big screen. Male drivers often want a female name for their car, but it can be a delicate balance trying to get a name that will stand the test of time and be cool enough should it come out in pub chat after a round or two of drinks.

Luckily, Hollywood has handed us a number of kick-ass female characters that would work as the perfect nickname for your new car. 

Evelyn – Salt
Evelyn Salt, played by Angelina Jolie, is undeniably kick-ass. She is a CIA agent who was imprisoned in a North Korean prison until she was brought back to the US as part of an exchange deal. Years later she is approached by a Russian defector who claims that her country is going to the target of sleeper agents.

Without ruining the film's plot, Evelyn Salt has to save North America while figuring out what about her life has been real and what has been a lie. She makes bombs from scraps, extracts the venom from a poisonous spider to attack her enemies and takes down soldiers, showing that she’s an absolute force of nature.

Selina – The Dark Knight Rises
Selina Kyle is a cat burglar that is trying to fight for her chance at a clean break. She even double crosses Batman to try and get what she needs so badly. She is constantly out-thinking her male counterparts and remains one step ahead of them throughout the film. However, the woman turns good and comes back to help Batman save the day, in fact, it is actually Selena that kills Bane in the end. For the comic book geek that has grown up – Selina is the perfect car nickname.

Lara – The Tomb Raider series
Talking about geeks, the Tomb Raider series saw one of the first kick-ass female characters in video games. Lara Croft is an iconic action heroine and has made the transition from teenage boys' bedrooms to the big screen. Although Lara Croft is undeniably beautiful, it is her sense of adventure and ability to beat up plenty of grown, burly men, that sees her make the list.
Throughout the games and films, Lara has to run, jump, kick, shoot and punch her way out of situations to reach her goal. 

Black Widow – Avengers Assemble
The Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanoff, is another one for the geeks. She is a former Russian spy and a current member of SHIELD in the Marvel cinematic franchise. First seen in Iron Man 2, Black Widow joins Tony Stark’s bodyguard and puts his skills to shame when it comes to kicking ass.

However, when Loki declares war on Earth, she joins the Avengers and is responsible for getting information from him. In her own way, she proves herself to be just as necessary as her male counterparts. 

Leeloo – The Fifth Element
Cult film The Fifth Element see Milla Jovovich take on the role of Leeloo. While on her way to protect earth, her ship crashes but only her hand is recovered by scientists in the wreckage. This is then taken to a government facility to try and reconstruct her into a human woman. However, Leeloo escapes by crawling through air ducts and she eventually dives off the building and lands on a car bonnet. Although a lot of the film sees Bruce Willis trying to protect her, she brings her own range of kick-ass skills to the party. 

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