Top five places to roadtrip

JonathanApril 11, 2014

Driving with the open road ahead of you has to be one of the best things on earth, especially after a stressful few weeks at work or at home. With the Easter holidays just days away, and the summer break almost in sight, many people will be planning their annual getaways. 

So why not have a driving holiday this year? It can be cheaper and far more rewarding than a break in the sun and means you can spend quality time with your friends or loved ones discovering beautiful sights off the beaten track.

This means that, with the right car, the world is your oyster. This is brilliant but can make settling on a destination that pleases everyone on the trip challenging to say the least. Don't worry though, we've picked out the best places to take a roadtrip this Easter or summer. 


The good ol' US of A has plenty to offer whether you are travelling with your mates or your family. Of course, there is the iconic Route 66 but this might be too much for the time you have allocated, or just not what you had in mind. However, there are plenty of other ideas that could whet your appetite. 

Why not take a drive from New York to see the Niagra Falls and then carry on through Canada? Or explore the Deep South, eating your way around the Mississippi? Then there's also New England to explore, which is beautiful at this time of year. Whatever you choose, America has enough activities throughout, giving you enough versatility to accommodate all your travellers.


Don't want to have to hop on a plane? Then don't. In the UK we are lucky enough to have breathtaking landscapes on our doorstep and nowhere shows that more than Scotland. If you are a group that lives for the great outdoors and buckets of fresh air then there is no place better than Scotland for you. The inner and outer hebrides offer some excellent views, with some even better opportunities to get out of the car and stretch your legs. You could even look into renting a couple of cabins along your route to get the perfect experience.

If you're travelling with a bunch of friends, or walking isn't really your thing, then why not sample some of Scotland's famous produce along your roadtrip? You could base your entire journey around it. Try some of the nation's infamous whiskey (with a place to stay or designated driver of course) or maybe haggis and shortbread are more up your street? Whichever it is, Scotland has plenty to offer on a driving holiday.


Switzerland has some of the most beautiful scenery that the world has to offer and how better to see it than at your own pace behind the wheel of a car. Whether mountains or lakes are your thing, this country has it all. Places like Bern or Zurich can be pricey to stay in but you don't need to stay long when you are on the move. This makes a driving holiday a cost-effective way to see the best of Switzerland, without having to shell out hundreds for a week's stay in some of the country's best locations.

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