Top manufacturers hit eco target

JonathanSeptember 10, 2013

UK Carline pride ourselves with the ability of selecting a number of the world’s top manufacturers. This is part of the process which ensures our customers have the best drive in high-quality and reliable cars when they get behind the wheel with a car leasing deal.

Various elements are taken into consideration when deciding which brands we should offer to our customers but one of them is their ability to prove they are at the top of their field when it comes to pioneering eco-friendly vehicles.

Some of the world’s main carmakers are on target to meet the EU’s carbon emissions target for 2015. The entire auto industry has to meet a target of 130 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre for average emissions by this date for any brand which wants to sell vehicles in the EU. This will be a significant 18 per cent improvement from the standards of 2007.

Although the target is across the sector, it has been broken down for each individual manufacturer to relate to the weight of the vehicle in question, to avoid larger models being penalised.

An assessment from Transport & Environment said that four carmakers have already reached their 2015 target; Peugeot-Citroen (IW 1000/55), Toyota (IW 1000/8), Volvo (IW 1000/96) and Renault (IW 1000/80), with six more on track to reach it by the deadline.

There is another goal which car manufacturers must meet which gives them until 2020 to have emissions of 95 gram of CO2 per kilometre. Both Toyota and Volvo are reportedly on target to meet this in the time required.

“The 2020 target is achievable for makers of all types and sizes of cars with appropriate planning, and most are on track,” the report said.

It will do carmakers good to get on track with their emissions now as by 2025, manufacturers who want to use EU markets will need to reduce their CO2 emissions to between 68 and 78 grams per kilometre.

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