Toyota redesigns the Avensis

JonathanDecember 5, 2011

Car leasing customers will soon have a new option available to them.

Toyota has announced the Avensis range has been redesigned with the focus on improving dynamics, comfort and reducing the running costs for motorists.

The Japanese company states that the already popular 2.0 D- 4D engine has been tinkered with to offer greater efficiency benefits. The new version now produces carbon dioxide emissions of 119g/km – down from 139g/km – and helps people who lease a car save money by having a fuel economy which has been bolstered by 15 per cent to 61.4mpg.

Drivers will find that the revisions have not affected the car’s performance, as the engine is still capable of producing 124 brake horsepower. Much of this power is provided by the new turbocharger while further engineering upgrades include the addition of an electric actuator and lower friction bearings.

The driving experience has been improved by modifications that have been made to the gearbox and as a result the motorist will now enjoy greater torque at lower speeds.

Toyota’s engineers have made these changes while simultaneously making the engine 3kg lighter.

The automobile company further improved the ride quality of the vehicle by giving the car a more rigid body and upgrading the front and rear suspension.

Fuel economy is also helped by the alterations made to the car’s aerodynamic profile, which reduces the model’s drag.

Inside the cabin, the driver now sits in a seat which has been modified to give better lateral support, while all motorists will appreciate the Avensis’s new power steering that makes the car more manoeuvrable due to a quicker gear ratio.

Toyota recently unveiled the GT 86, which is a nearly-200 brake horsepower, four-seater sports car that the company states is a return to its sporting roots. The GT 86 will be available in the UK in June next year.

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