Van leasing could offer alternatives to delivery by ship

JonathanJune 21, 2011

Companies which operate in an area at risk from waterborne attacks could look to van leasing services to allow goods to be transported overland instead.

PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that many firms around the world are facing risks associated with ‘chokepoint’ geography.

This means they are served by a single, narrow transport link – for example, the Suez Canal – which is prone to disruption due to malicious activity.

In the UK, the threat of large-scale terrorist or pirate activity may not be so great, but with a growing number of leisure users on the country’s waterways, van leasing could help to keep goods on the roads and away from the canal network.

According to British Waterways, the nation’s network of canals “is enjoying an unprecedented renaissance far beyond the original freight-carrying vision of the Georgian investors and engineers who built it 200 years ago”.

With traffic higher now than at any point in the past, companies still using canals for delivery in the UK could look to van leasing as an alternative.

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