Volkswagen sales hold steady

JonathanApril 25, 2013

Despite a difficult market environment, Volkswagen’s revenue has remained steady throughout the first quarter of 2013. Sales of £39.6 million signified stability for the German car maker, despite unfavourable forecasts for the automotive industry.

Chairman of the board of management, Dr Martin Winterkorn, said: “As expected, business in the first quarter was dominated by the difficult economic environment. The markets were sluggish, especially in Europe… But we remain confident overall that we can pick up speed over the rest of the year”.

Dr Martin has high hopes for the rest of the year, stressing that “despite all the economic uncertainties, the Volkswagen Group is standing by its goals for 2013”.

His optimism isn’t without just cause. Figures show that Volkswagen has outperformed other manufacturers worldwide, with its share of passenger car market rising to an impressive 12.6 per cent. Customer deliveries increased 4.8 per cent in the first quarter to reach a total of 2.3 million vehicles. However, declining European markets kept the VW Group from expanding in the first quarter. Instead, sales revenue rested at £39.6 million, approximately the same as last year.

Later this year, Volkswagen aims to expand their market share through the introduction of new, exciting models like the Golf GTI Convertible. Although compact vehicles, including the Volkswagen Up Hatchback, are responsible for a large portion of VW sales, larger models such as the Volkswagen Polo Hatchback are becoming increasingly popular.

Fleets might be responsible for steady sales throughout the European market, as Volkswagen offers many environmentally responsible models, with CO2 emissions below 140 g/km. As the green initiative takes hold throughout the UK and on the continent as well, low emission rates are becoming increasingly important to businesses. Consider the Volkswagen Golf Diesel Hatchback for your fleet – it gets an impressive 67.3 MPG and has a CO2 emission rate of 109 g/km. Available for business hire at just £201.00, leasing this model will benefit not only your budget, but a great company committed to our environment.

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