What if Kids Designed a Car?

JonathanFebruary 18, 2016

What if Kids Designed a Car?

Forget your Bluetooth compatible, V12 powered, super economical, shag carpeted premium saloon. The car you really want should run on magic & chocolate, contain a swimming pool and be driven by a Minion – at least according to a thousand 6-12 year olds who were quizzed to mark the start of a new charity partnership between Care 2 Save and Bentley.

As you can guess, some of the feedback was pretty excellent: with just under 39% thinking it should fly, and the most popular in-car entertainment being a close call between sloshing about in a swimming pool (14%) and an X-Box (12%).

Think your heated leather sports seats are the best? Wrong. One in five thought bean bags would be the best, while 18% thought marshmallows would be both delicious and comfortable. The most optimistic children thought sitting on clouds would be a good idea (14%).

This magnificent survey marks the start of a partnership between Bentley and Care2Save – UK residents have the chance to win a Bentley Continental GT V8 for donations from as little as £1. We believe there isn’t an option for a build in ice cream maker or marshmallow seats (Booooo!).

“Although we had great fun asking children to describe their ideal vehicle and the campaign is a brilliant opportunity for someone to win their very own dream car, there is a very serious message behind all this.

“Each year, 40 million people of all ages around the world will need palliative acre – but 34.4 million won’t receive the care they need. The Care2Save Trust and Bentley Motors have teamed up because we want to address this global issue and make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of people in need of help.” – Andrea Ladeira, founder & CEO of Care2Save Charitable Trust

Fancy entering? You can enter Bentley By Me and donate here!

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